Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Poor Bob’s secret revealed as Liam apologises

According to the Emmerdale spoilers for tonight (August 15), Doctor Liam Cavanagh apologizes for the situation as Bob Hope recovers in the hospital. But while he absorbs Liam’s apology, is Bob concealing something?

Dan is startled when the Man Club meets in another location to show their support. Will he reveal to them his dread of going to jail?

Sam and Lydia begin working on a unique project as Lydia begins to open up to him. Marlon then frets as he takes a significant step towards the future.

Rhona also attempts to encourage her mother to move on. Will she be willing to look for love once more?

Liam apologises to recovering Bob

When Bob begins to move in his hospital bed after having a heart attack, Wendy is relieved. Bob becomes upset as he recalls what happened.

Brenda is advised by Bernice to avoid holding Wendy accountable for Bob’s heart attack. She advises her to put more emphasis on his well-being.

Liam apologizes to Bob for the encounter at the hospital. Can Bob, however, pardon Liam? And does he always tell the truth?

The Man Club is in session for Dan

An unplanned Man Club gathering at the Woolpack pub surprises Dan. He takes a seat nervously.

Dan eventually discusses the punch and Lloyd’s subsequent demise. Dan reveals his fear of incarceration with the help of the Man Club.

He ultimately cries out, concerned for Amelia’s well-being in her absence. Dan decides to make his final day in the town unforgettable as the Man Club gathers around to support him.

Lydia opens up to Sam

Sam brings a broken dolls house he discovers in a skip home to fix for Esther’s birthday. Lydia is reminded of the one she had when she was a child in care.

Lydia talks about the children’s home and her son Toby while they work on the doll house.

Marlon worries about his future

Marlon is anxious about picking up his specially modified automobile. Can he overcome his worries to advance in his healing?

Rhona gives Mary some advice

Mary is urged by Rhona to start dating again. Mary is cautious, though, because of her experience with Faye.

Can she get back up and start hunting for love?

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