Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Pollard and Brenda make a shock announcement

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, Pollard and Brenda make a startling surprise.

They inform each other that they will both be leaving their positions at the B&B.

Bernice and Bob are excited about the opportunity to renovate the B&B as a result of this.

Will their efforts to revitalize the company succeed, or will they merely cause further issues?

Emmerdale spoilers: Pollard and Brenda make shock announcement

Nicola is stunned when Brenda informs her that both Pollard and she are retiring.

Which is fortunate for Bob and Bernice because they both need a new project and are feeling down.

Bernice is simultaneously attempting to persuade people to join her menopause support group.

But when she learns that a post for the B&B might be open, she becomes intrigued.

Pollard is impressed with her proposals, and she is thrilled when he offers her the position.

Will Eric, however, come to regret his choice to enlist Bernice in his enterprise?

Bernice’s drastic plan to get fired

Bernice is anxious to get to work as soon as she learns that the B&B position is hers.

And Bob is never far away since he too gets involved whenever there is a chance for a plan to work.

Together, Bernice and Bob brainstorm ways to revitalize the B&B after realizing they each have intriguing ideas for it.

Mandy’s insistence that she give her one month’s notice interferes with her plans, though.

However, Bernice devises a strategy to leave the salon sooner.

Bernice hatches a scheme to steal Wendy and Bob’s clientele from the salon.

When Mandy learns about it, she is furious and immediately terminates the employee.

Bernice is content that everything turned out exactly like she had hoped.

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