Emmerdale spoilers tonight: One villager makes a horrifying discovery after death shock

Tonight’s (Thursday, July 14 2022) Emmerdale spoilers reveal After Beth’s funeral, Dawn discovers something horrific.

Mandy tries to assist Sandra while Nicola makes a significant decision in the background.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, there is all this and more.

Emmerdale spoilers: Dawn is shocked by what she finds at Jade’s house

Dawn is still unsure of whether or not to go to Beth’s funeral.

She chooses to attend, nevertheless, after Billy offers to assist her.

Dawn and her buddy Jade consider their past after the burial.

She realizes it’s a bad choice when she decides to return to Jade’s residence.

Dawn discovers a young child at the filthy home and goes to question Jade about her.

Jade, who is currently under the influence of drugs, claims that Clemmie is Beth’s daughter and that she is unaware of her mother’s passing.

Dawn is soon alarmed as a menacing man enters the home.

Dawn offers to take Clemmie home so that she can be safe in an effort to assist.

Even though she offers Jade and the man money, when things get heated, Dawn trades them for shoes, snatches Clemmie’s hand, and they walk away together.

Billy advises Dawn to contact social services when she brings Clemmie home.

But when Dawn declines, he worries.

Billy eventually decides to let Clemmie spend one night with them, but can he persuade Dawn to act morally?

Nicola makes a plea for help

Nicola is aware that Jimmy will return soon and that she must tell him about the impact the attack had on her.

Nicola initially makes an effort to dodge the discussion by showing up for work at the cafe.

However, Nicola quickly comes clean and he is devastated.

Nicola is encouraged by her spouse, who makes her feel strong.

When Nicola returns home, she decides to post the video of her attack online and issues an appeal for information on her assailants.

Jimmy agrees with her choice but feels uneasy.

Matty is upset about Holly

Matty struggles with the idea that he was not present at Holly’s death in the wake of the discovery about Suzy’s involvement with Holly.

Mandy steps in to help Sandra

When Vinny informs Mandy that Liv’s mother has moved in, Mandy is shocked.

Later, Mandy’s willingness to assist Sandra in finding employment makes Liv pleased.

Sandra soon receives a job offer from Mandy at the salon.

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