Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Moira finds out the dark truth about Holly’s death?

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers (Monday, July 11 2022), Moira is surprised to see a photo of Holly in the HOP/Take A Vow presentation.

Suzy finally tells Vanessa the truth, but will she tell Moira?

Emmerdale news: Suzy must answer Moira’s questions
Recently, it was revealed that Holly Barton, Moira’s deceased 2016-born daughter, was acquainted with Suzy, Vanessa’s new partner.

Leyla and Suzy had a conversation with Moira a few weeks ago regarding renting her barn for a wedding.

Suzy left, though, after learning that Holly was Moira’s child and making an excuse.

Later, she told Leyla that she had employed Holly to take photos at some of the weddings she was planning.

Suzy asked Holly to take her money and go see her drug dealer to get cocaine for her birthday celebration because one wedding fell on her birthday.

Suzy, though, was ignorant of Holly’s addiction. Holly used the money to purchase heroin.

Suzy was indignant when she learned Holly had purchased and used heroin with her money.

Holly returned home that evening and passed away in her bed from an overdose.

The next morning, Moira located her.

Priya and Suzy are eagerly getting ready for the HOP/Take A Vow showcase tonight.

However, they are unaware that the slideshow contains a photo of Holly Barton on the day of her passing.

Priya struggles as Belle and Jai start the presentation after seeing a photo of herself without her burns.

However, things get worse when Holly’s photo appears on the screen.

Moira notices it and begins to interrogate Suzy to get more details.

Moira recognizes Holly’s dress in the picture as the one she was wearing the day she passed away, trapping Suzy.

A distraught Moira wants to discover what happened to her kid before she passed away.

But when Suzy fabricates a lie, her aspirations are dashed.

Vanessa tells Moira the truth?

Soon later, Vanessa becomes skeptical of Suzy’s actions and confronts her because she knows Suzy is not being completely honest with Holly.

Suzy explains to her what actually transpired on Holly’s death night.

Suzy and Vanessa are concerned Moira overheard their chat when she arrives.

However, Moira apologizes for earlier hitting Suzy.

When Suzy doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to tell Moira the truth, Vanessa is dissatisfied.

Suzy instead begs Vanessa to keep her identity a secret.

Will Vanessa continue to be loyal to Suzy or will she come clean with Moira?

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