Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Mary’s heartbreaking confession hits Rhona hard

According to tonight’s (Friday, August 5) Emmerdale spoilers, Mary and Rhona will have a heart-to-heart after Mary made a poor pass at Rhona’s friend Vanessa.

But what will Rhona think of her mother’s intoxicated behavior?

While Cain helps Liam, Suzy is concerned that she is losing Vanessa.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, there is all this and more.

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Mary seemed upset

Mary is still licking her wounds from Rhona’s hen night’s incidents.

After a few too many, Mary confided in Vanessa, who she has known since they were both students at Rhona’s university.

Mary became agitated when Vanessa brought up romance since she was feeling overly emotional and had consumed too many cocktails.

Vanessa followed her outside as she went for a breath of fresh air to apologize.

Mary soon started talking to Vanessa about her sexuality and her recent coming out as the two soon got to talking.

Vanessa was thrilled to help Mary, but sadly, the mother of her friend mistook her kind deed for a kiss.

When Rhona saw the couple, she was indignant with Mary.

Alongside Rhona

Mary is ashamed of what she did in the bright daylight. Rhona is still upset with her mother in the meantime.

When Rhona’s mother came out, she initially struggled, although this was more due to shock than any form of prejudice.

It might be difficult for her to get over her mother attempting to have a relationship with her best friend.

Rhona, though, is heartbroken by what Mary has to say as she opens up to her.

Can the mother and daughter get past this embarrassing incident?

Concerns about Suzy

Following Leyla’s overdose, Vanessa and Suzy are once more at odds with one another.

Vanessa is unhappy because Suzy has been concealing information from her again again.

Suzy worries she is losing Vanessa as the two grow apart.

The unusual pair

The odd bond between Cain and Liam endures.

Liam is unable to handle having Leyla in the hospital.

For his mate, Cain is there. Can he offer him the assistance he requires?

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