Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Marlon and Paddy in heated row as their friendship at risk?

According to tonight’s (Monday, August 21) Emmerdale spoilers, Marlon is upset with Paddy because he arrives late to help him get back behind the wheel.

Marlon is horrified that Paddy let him down and lashes out at him as Paddy falls behind in tending to an unhappy Mary.

But in Emmerdale rumors, could this mean that Marlon and Paddy’s friendship is over?

Marlon and Paddy’s friendship over?

Marlon is anticipating getting back behind the wheel tonight and is feeling both anxious and enthusiastic about it.

When Paddy doesn’t there on time to encourage him, he becomes even more tense. Paddy becomes sidetracked while trying to get to Marlon after finding Mary sobbing in a field.

Paddy consoles her after realizing that she had lied about going back out and dating. Marlon gets upset with Paddy, which causes him to argue with his best buddy.

Will this imply, though, that Marlon and Paddy’s friendship in Emmerdale is over?

Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe and Mack make exciting plans

As they talk about Reuben’s christening, Chloe and Mack love looking ahead to their future as a family.

When Mack asks Moira to be Reuben’s godmother and Amy and Matty both agree to serve as godparents, Moira is overjoyed.

Chloe and Mack eagerly anticipate Thursday as the christening approaches. But will everything go as planned?

Emmerdale spoilers: Craig and Lydia bond

Lydia says that she’s going to accept Craig’s employment offer while Sam and Lydia talk about Craig. Craig and Lydia eat dinner together at The Hide as Craig decides to give Lydia the job.

The two become closer as they keep each other informed of their activities since leaving the children’s home. They quickly become inseparable, as if they had never been separated.

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