Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Mandy left heartbroken as Paddy reunites with Chas?

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, Mandy Dingle will experience heartache as Paddy mulls getting back together with Chas.

She finds out that Paddy and Chas kissed at this point. Paddy is in a state of turmoil after facing his affections for his wife.

Mandy is currently trying to give Paddy advice. Will she experience heartbreak as Paddy makes amends with Chas, though?

In other Emmerdale spoilers, Amelia is concerned about her health after finding a troubling bulge on her chest. Can she locate the aid and assistance she requires?

Charity surprises the residents of the Woolpack in other places. What will people think of her new appearance?

Mandy is heartbroken as Paddy contemplates giving his marriage another go

Everyone is anticipating Charity’s wedding as she, Mandy, and Chas sip champagne together in the Salon. However, Mandy is in for a surprise.

Mandy is surprised when Charity says that Chas and Paddy kissed. She tries to hide her emotions as she reels from the news.

Bear confronts Chas about what occurred the previous night later. Paddy, who overheard, is enraged with his father.

Chas looks intently at Paddy’s response. Could he still be in love with her?

Mandy tries to keep her emotions from Charity back at the salon. She quickly makes an excuse and leaves.

She does however run into Paddy. He admits to her that he is unsure on whether to take Chas back.

Paddy is urged to follow his heart by Mandy. Then she realizes she hasn’t checked on Charity’s hair in a while. Charity’s hair is damaged when she returns in a hurry.

Later, Chas tries to talk to Paddy about the kiss. He is under even greater pressure to choose, so when Chas begs him to return home permanently, he is taken aback.

Will Chas be returned by Paddy?

Noah doesn’t care about Amelia’s health scare

Amelia wonders about who will take care of Esther if something were to happen to her as she speaks with Victoria. Victoria tries to reassure her, but when Amelia bolts off, she becomes worried.

Amelia goes to see Manpreet at the Surgery. She informs her that a bulge has been discovered on her chest.

When Manpreet suggests she visit the breast clinic, she becomes alarmed. When Manpreet sets up an appointment, Amelia becomes even more upset.

She receives a call from the clinic later. She consents to visit the office the next day.

Noah observes from a distance while Amelia sobs. He chooses not to go over and investigate, though.

Charity’s new look shocks her friends and family

Charity’s hair is damaged after her awful visit with Mandy. She now resembles a curled poodle.

She is compelled to show off her new appearance as she enters the Woolpack. The quality of her hair astounds the villagers.

Can it be fixed in time for her special day?

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