Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Mandy is inconsolable over Paddy bombshell

The news that Paddy and Chas kissed will cause Mandy Dingle to struggle with her sadness, according to our tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers. Vinny, her son, comforts her as she tries to process her emotions. Can he support her during this trying time?

On a fishing vacation, Paddy and his father also become closer. And when things don’t turn out the way Bernice had wanted for her menopause meet-up, she feels humiliated and embarrassed.

Vinny consoles heartbroken Mandy

Mandy is torn between her affections for Paddy and Vinny, who advises her to date. He is the one male she needs in her life, she tells him.

Mandy’s week hasn’t been simple. She was the one who revealed that Paddy and Chas had kissed, and she also caused Charity’s hair to become damaged before her wedding.

Mandy is grateful for Vinny’s love and support as she and her son grow closer. But can she really discard her feelings for Paddy so easily?

Paddy and Bear go fish

Paddy relaxes with his father after making up his mind regarding Chas. Together, they go fishing to unwind and escape the stresses of the hamlet.

As they kissed in the episode from Wednesday, it appeared as though Paddy could go back to Chas’s arms. Chas then pleaded with him to return permanently, which caused him conflict.

But in the end, he made the decision to put his connection with Chas behind him.

Paddy is upbeat and Liam and Marlon accompany him and Bear on their journey. Will the downtime and relaxation make him more receptive to the idea of dating Mandy?

Bernice feels rejected

Bernice organizes a menopause get-together, but the response isn’t what she’d hoped for. When group members start canceling on her, she is left feeling crushed and humiliated.

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