Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Mack confesses all to Charity after Ryan finds out cheating truth?

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers (Monday, September 3), as Ryan learns the truth, it appears that Mack will have to confess to Charity about his adultery.

Will he be truthful?

Who is Mack’s unidentified woman?

Terry assaults Liv in tonight’s episode of Emmerdale.

Aaron Dingle subsequently makes his way back to the community.

The Emmerdale spoilers for tonight include all of this and more.

Emmerdale spoilers: Ryan learns the truth

Ryan, Nate, and Mack make the decision to split some drinks.

But when Nate jokes about his one-night stand, Mack gets irritated.

When Ryan feels uncomfortable, he demands to know what is happening.

He eventually coaxes the truth from the two and discovers that Mack had an affair with Charity.

Ryan’s insistence that Mack tell Charity puts him in a tight spot.

Will Mack have to come clean with Charity about his wrongdoings?

Will he be able to escape this one?

Terry attacks Liv

Terry is waiting for Liv when she gets home from somewhere else in the hamlet.

He demands that she deny what she told the police about Sandra.

He pushes Liv during their altercation, causing her to bang her head on a table.

Terry leaves the area as Liv lies motionless.

Will Liv make it?

Aaron’s back!

Terry bumps into Liv’s older brother Aaron as he tries to leave the crime scene.

Aaron assaults Terry after noticing Liv is unconscious.

However, before the altercation between the two can get any worse, Harriet shows up on the scene.

Aaron is taken into custody as Liv is still and unconscious.

When Chas arrives, she is shocked to see her son back in the community.

When Vinny gets to the hospital after learning what happened, Liv is still unconscious.

He is astonished to learn that Aaron is returned. Chas is enraged when Harriet won’t let Aaron leave, in the meantime.

Aaron eventually leaves the hospital and visits Liv there. Vinny, though, tells him to go because Liv doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Will Liv get better?

Can Aaron ever atone for what he did to her?

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