Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Kim and Will’s kidnap secret exposed

Kim and Will’s covert kidnapping is revealed in tonight’s (Wednesday, March 29, 2023) Emmerdale spoilers.

Charles tells Dawn the truth about Kim and Will’s kidnapping while attempting to assist Alex.

How will Dawn respond tonight in Emmerdale?

Kim and Will’s kidnap secret exposed

Tonight, Charles tries his best to stand by Alex, urging him to defend Clemmie and Lucas.

When Alex tells him that Kim and Will kidnapped him to try to convince him to back down, he is surprised.

Charles visits Home Farm to face Will and Kim after becoming enraged. Dawn, who is listening, is astounded by the information.

She hopes that Will and Kim’s behavior won’t work against her in her legal battle.

Can Kim and Will’s abduction stop Dawn from obtaining sole custody of her children, though?

Emmerdale spoilers: Samson’s cast out of his family

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, around midnight, Noah revealed Charity the truth regarding Samson’s extortion.

After Charity discovered that all of the money from his trust fund had vanished, he had been obliged to come clean about Samson.

Amelia and the Dingles learn of Samson’s activities tonight. They confront him aggressively.

But, cunning Samson tries to make everything work in his favor, confident that he can persuade everyone that he wasn’t to blame. But nothing appears to be working to win his family back.

He is astonished when Sam instructs him to find a new place to live as a result of his activities. Can Samson turn things around for the better?

Gabby and Nicky’s relationship blossoms

When Kim called Nicky in to talk about his contract renewal last night, Gabby kept him on his toes.

Kim had enquired as to Gabby’s satisfaction with Nicky’s efforts thus far, but cheeky Gabby replied that there was still room for improvement.

Gabby was successful in tipping off Kim, thus Nicky was still awarded a long-term deal.

Gabby is thrilled that her friendship with Nicky is developing really tonight.

Will it, nevertheless, remain this way? Will Kim learn the truth, or what?

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