Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Gabby and Laurel headed to war over love triangle?

According to tonight’s (Monday, August 8) Emmerdale spoilers, Gabby will reenter the dating scene in a startling love twist.

Since becoming pregnant with Thomas, Gabby has been alone, but she now feels ready to date once more.

She has therefore begun online dating, but when she gets a date, it will come as a major surprise.

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight include all of this and more.

Gabby’s on the lookout

Gabby has started using a dating app after deciding to get back into the dating scene.

She quickly starts complaining about the guys she’s matching with, though.

She’s actually on the verge of abandoning the whole affair.

And then she meets Chris, a potential mate who she believes could be just the thing.

Making a date

Chris and Gabby agree to a date, and Gabby eagerly prepares for their meeting.

She is pleased with what she sees as she enters for their date.

However, Emmerdale viewers might respond differently.

Because Laurel, Gabby’s stepmother, and the viewers of the show are quite familiar with “Chris.”

Kit’s double life

It turns out that “Chris” is actually Kit, Marlon’s physical therapist, who has been seeing Laurel.

Up until this point, it appeared that Kit was fully dedicated to Laurel, as the two spent a lot of time together and evidently had a strong connection.

But Kit appears to think that’s insufficient.

Gabby has never met Kit, therefore she is unaware of his true identity.

How long can Kit balance the two ladies, though?

The end for Liam and Leyla?

Leyla returns home from the hospital after having a heart attack tonight on Emmerdale.

Liam is angry with his wife now that he is aware of the entire situation.

He says that he is aware of the medication bag that she was keeping for Callum.

Later, he informs her that Callum has received the pills from Cain and Suzy.

However, it appears that their marital issues are more difficult to resolve.

Liam leaves as his resentment erupts, plainly doubting their entire relationship.

Is there a path for the two to return?

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