Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Dingles horrified as police arrive with news about missing Paddy

Tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers suggest that the anxious Dingles organize a search party as Paddy Kirk remains missing.

PC Swirling, however, has some unsettling news for Paddy’s family and friends as the search gets under way.

Paddy left the village last week due to a deteriorating mental health crisis.

Can Paddy be located before he takes unfavorable action?

Marlon receives some worrying news tonight, according to recent Emmerdale spoilers.

This forces April to come up with a strategy to protect him.

What, though, is April up to?

The Dingles arrange a search party for missing Paddy

Paddy is still AWOL as the new week gets underway.

The Dingles band together out of concern to form a search party.

When PC Swirling shows in with news of Paddy, everyone is immediately on edge.

He informs them that the missing veteran has reportedly been seen.

Where is Paddy, though?

Emmerdale spoilers tonight

The Dingles assemble later to see Paddy in some CCTV footage.

The Dingles are appalled to learn that the police plan to reduce their search efforts now that Paddy has been located and is reportedly doing well.

Bear storms out in rage.

It soon becomes apparent that Paddy has no plans to return home.

Can the Dingles locate disturbed Paddy in time?

What’s next for Paddy?

April makes a plan to care for Marlon

Marlon receives a troubling text elsewhere.

He’s resolved to get up, leave, and lend a hand.

April, who implores him to remain at home and relax, stops him.

Marlon is tucked in by April on the couch.

She starts creating a strategy to protect Marlon now that he has been temporarily quieted.

What is Marlon’s role in April’s plans?

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