Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Charity has baby news for Mack after he cheated

According to tonight’s (Friday, September 2 2022) Emmerdale spoilers, Charity has some exciting news for Mackenzie.

She is unaware that he spent the night with a different woman, though.

While taking Gabby and Vinny to the Woolpack, Sandra keeps attempting to force them together.

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight include all of this and more.

Emmerdale rumors: Charity has a message for Mack

Recent news that Charity’s pregnancy was ectopic and they might lose their child saddened Charity and Mack.

In the scenes from last night (Thursday, September 1), Charity and Mack eventually got into a fight after he proposed they try for another child.

She was enraged and instructed him to spread his sperm somewhere if he really desired a child.

When Mackenzie left to get drunk, Charity became sad and ended up talking to Moira.

Charity came to the realization that she didn’t want to entirely rule out the possibility of ever having more kids.

She attempted to phone Mack, but she was unaware that he was having an extramarital affair.

Mackenzie returns home tonight after spending the previous night with a different woman.

When he speaks to Charity, he is shocked to learn that she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of them having a child in the future.

The two have been reconciled, but Mack is under a cloud.

Vinny and Gabby are pushed toward one another by Sandra.

As she brings Vinny and Gabby to the pub for a drink tonight, Sandra makes an effort to get them both intoxicated.

Vinny is humiliated as Sandra discusses her romantic history in detail.

Sandra pretends to be unaware of Liv’s asexuality while continuing to advance her goals in the hopes that Vinny will lose his cool.

To Bernice’s surprise, Harriet discusses Dan.

Harriet confides in Bernice that Dan has expressed interest in dating her.

Harriet begins to have a different perspective on Dan after Bernice comments that she could do much worse than him.

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