Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Another surprise return causes trouble for one couple

Tracy makes a surprise visit to the village with her daughter Frankie, according to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers (Thursday, October 6 2022).

Kerry makes a proposal to Al in the meanwhile, but he is soon discovered with Chas.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, there is all this and more.

Emmerdale spoilers: Tracy returns to the village

Naomi receives a guarantee from Nate that he would attend the plea hearing.

But as soon as he sees Tracy and Frankie at the Woolpack beer garden, he becomes sidetracked.

As he spends time with his ex-girlfriend and daughter, he is unable to fulfill his commitment to Naomi.

What will Naomi do?

Emmerdale spoilers: Kerry proposes to Al

As Kerry tries to elicit information from Al about the home she observed him examining, Al feels uneasy.

She decides to organize a surprise of her own because she is so deeply in love.

Al meets up with Chas in the meantime and informs her that he is ending his relationship with Kerry.

He enters the Woolpack and gets ready to dump Kerry.

But when she sings a rap and asks him to marry her, he is absolutely taken aback.

Chas struggles to conceal her anger while everyone cringes.

Al hesitates before responding, but he ultimately agrees to becoming engaged.

Faith finds out a huge secret

Faith, in the meantime, overhears a significant secret and is unsure of what to do with it.

What has she discovered? Will she inform anybody?

Harriet makes a confession

Harriet confesses to Wendy that she is still in love with Will, which upsets her, but Wendy attempts to persuade her that Dan is the correct choice.

Will Dan keep Harriet with him?

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