Emmerdale spoilers: The end for Liam and Leyla as her drug addiction is exposed?

Emmerdale persona David came to the conclusion that Leyla had been using cocaine.

In order to get her the assistance she needs, he was determined to tell her husband Liam.

But has Leyla succeeded in getting David to remain silent?

Emmerdale: Leyla’s substance abuse

Leyla has been sneaking cocaine for months.

She started using drugs with Suzy Merton, who eventually moved to the village to work with Leyla and began dating Vanessa Woodfield.

Suzy used to hire Holly to take photos at the weddings she planned, but when she found out Moira Dingle was Holly Barton’s mother, she told Leyla about it.

Suzy quickly learned, however, that Holly died of an overdose on the day she handed her the money for drugs.

Leyla struggled to stop using cocaine despite Suzy’s vow to stop.

Vanessa recently informed Moira of Suzy and Holly’s relationship.

Everyone cut ties with Suzy after Vanessa broke things off with her, including Leyla, who pretended she was unaware of Suzy’s relationship with Holly or the fact that she used drugs.

However, after Leyla had a difficult day, David discovered her about to do a cocaine line in tonight’s episode (Tuesday, July 19 2022).

David could see Leyla was having trouble with addiction despite her attempts to rationalize her way out of it.

He intended to inform her doctor husband Liam so she could get aid.

She pleaded with him not to speak, though.

David, will you tell Liam?

Spoilers: Will David be honest with Liam?
David sends Liam a message later this week asking to meet. Will he soon inform Liam of Leyla’s addiction?

Leyla makes an effort to persuade David that she has given up using cocaine and never will.

David, will you tell Liam? Could Liam and Leyla end up being split apart?

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