Emmerdale spoilers: Terror for Cain, Chas devastated, Kim’s mission

In Emmerdale next week, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) finds himself in the thick of a crisis – and what else is new?

Kyle is put in jeopardy as his feud with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) grows, and Cain takes action.

Chas, on the other hand, suffers as a result of his initiatives (Lucy Pargeter). Is he the one who has damaged everything?

17th of January
The act of breaking the law-rel

When another loan application is turned down, Jai changes tactics and changes the applicant’s name to Laurel.

Leyla and Jacob inspect the allotment for damage. Meena’s trinket box is barely visible as it rises from the ground, unseen by either of them.

Chloe refocuses her attention on Noah.

Monday, January 18th

Dramatic development

Because they omitted to divulge the development plans, Chas and Marlon’s insurance claim is worthless.

Chas accepts Al’s offer to sign the papers transferring ownership of The Woolpack because he sees no other option. Gavin, on the other hand, encourages Al to obtain more.

Dawn and Billy had a falling out.

Will gets involved soon after, followed by Kim, but will they be able to solve it?

On the 19th of January, the Mack was attacked.

Mack is successful in stealing Al’s phone.

Will’s melancholy demeanor is noticed by Kim, who offers to assist.

Chas deciphers the fine print, a car gets tampered with, and Dawn mulls on the events of the previous day.

Part One: Thursday, January 20

Cain is in pain once more.

Kerry and Kyle accept Al’s offer of a ride into town.

Cain is caught off guard when he notices them all approaching the leaking automobile. Can Cain prevent them from departing because they messed with the vehicle before?

Cain and Mack will meet Gavin later.

Kim speaks out in the middle of a conversation.

Al will be having you on Thursday, January 20th, for Part Two.

Gavin tells Al about his altercation with Cain and Mackenzie and how he’s canceling the development contract.

Gavin is unmoved by Al’s pleadings and demands the entire sum of money back. Gavin threatens Al and his family if he fails, so Al is afraid.

Kim, on the other hand, speaks up.

Charity declines Johnny’s request for a playdate with Moses since she is busy with Vanessa. Is it possible for these two to reconcile?

Cain is unable to work on Friday, January 21.

Cain has ruined everything for Chas, and he is enraged. Cain is shunned by Chas after he disowns him.

Despite the fight between Cain and Al, Ryan rejects a phone call from his mother, Irene, Mack is jealous of Charity’s playdate, and Ellis and Belle remain united.

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