Emmerdale spoilers: Teen attack, Moira’s rage and heart attack fear

In the Emmerdale episodes airing the next week, tempers are blazing and relationships are at breaking point.

After receiving a diagnosis at finally, Cathy Hope (Gabrielle Dowling) feels vindicated and relieved, but her symptoms return shortly after.

The youngster attacks Bob (Tony Audenshaw), Wendy (Susan Cookson), and Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) after learning that her condition will be managed rather than controlled.

She then makes it plain that she won’t stop trying to find a new answer, but can she?

As Cain (Jeff Hordley) again hides information from Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb), she is furious.

She doesn’t know what he is planning, though. What does Caleb Miligan (William Ash) have to show him? It involves some sort of enigmatic road trip.

Will Moira learn what they are doing?

Meanwhile, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden), who is leaving after 17 years, has an admission to make as Lydia (Karen Blick) continues to suffer in silence following her horrible experience.

September 11th, Monday

Following the rape, Lydia experiences difficulties. She suffers in silence still after her trauma.

Grieving Manpreet feels bad for keeping his secret while Claudette acknowledges she needed Charles’ help more than she had previously let on.

Gabby is adamant about downsizing and leaving the community behind.

Monday, September 10

Amelia settles into her new home with Chas and, eager to help, works the bar at the Woolpack.

Cain asks Caleb if he’d want to leave town for a while after getting serious after receiving a puzzling text amid some brotherly teasing in the Woolpack.

Cain is keen to keep the cause for their road trip a secret after making a covert phone call, so he asks Caleb to make up an explanation for Moira and wary Chas.

13 September, Wednesday

Everyone is relieved that Cathy has a formal diagnosis of PMDD. Bob is sympathetic to Cathy’s plight, but when her treatment focuses more on managing her symptoms than finding a permanent cure, she feels frustrated and desperate.

Back at the B&B, Cathy, who is anxious and agitated, surprises Bob by adamantly asserting that she wants to find a treatment to stop her PMDD symptoms.

As they go on their mysterious road journey, Cain and Caleb make a promise to stick together. Moira watches on, resentful that Cain went despite her request for him not to.

September 14th, Thursday

Cathy remains steadfast in her goal to get rid of her PMDD despite Bob, Wendy, and Bernice’s best attempts.

Cathy later throws a garden item through a B&B window in a fit of rage, almost missing Manpreet.

Wendy tries to step in, but when she does, Cathy pushes her to the ground out of fury. Bob rushes to assist, but his chest aches as he does so. Bob is examined by Manpreet.

The sight of her father struggling worries Cathy, but Wendy encourages her to leave him, so Cathy bolts off while bleeding from a hand cut.

She reluctantly permits him to examine it after Liam discovers Cathy outside Tenants with her hand bleeding. Cathy unwillingly thanks Liam for promising to pay attention to her.

When Mack proposes a date, Chloe is ecstatic.

October 15th, Friday

David acknowledges that his feelings for Victoria are returning, but it seems like Jacob is not pleased about it.

Cathy leaps to conclusions while folks nearby continue to be alarmed by recent events.

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