Emmerdale spoilers tease Faith Dingle police arrest amid devastating cancer heartache

Fans of Emmerdale can anticipate lots of action the following week as Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) devises a risky scheme.

When a glammed-up Faith leaves with Nate Robinson, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) gets suspicious (Jurell Carter).

When curious Nate inquires as to what they are doing, Faith stays silent.

Nate feels apprehensive as Faith describes her intention to retrieve a possession from her step-house daughter’s outside an unidentified house.

Nate feels quite uncomfortable when Faith sneaks inside Angus’s home despite his misgivings at the entrance.

When Angus discovers who Faith actually is, he is indignant and orders her to leave.

Faith makes a promise to come back for what is rightfully hers, leaving Nate frustrated by his mysterious grandma.

When Faith decides to return to Angus’ the next day, Nate flat-out declines to assist her. When Faith steals his car and flees, he curses at himself.

Later, when Faith appears in disguise and poses as a photographer for a real estate agent, Angus is duped. When he allows her in, Faith experiences a lightbulb moment.

When Cain and Nate witness Faith scurrying out of Angus’ with a stolen bag, they can’t believe their eyes.

Angus deduces that the thief must be Faith because he recognizes Nate from the previous day.

Later, when Chas, Cain, and Nate are delighted to receive the box of memories she stole back, Faith reflects on a successful day’s labor.

While looking through Faith’s box of memories, Cain and Chas reminisce about their youth.

Faith is relieved after a good day as the gang bursts into laughter, but will the law eventually catch up with her?

Fans of the ITV soap opera will be aware that Faith has declined to undergo additional chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

In an interview with TV Times magazine, actress Sally Dexter commented on the conclusion of her tenure on the soap opera and how the ongoing plot acts as her farewell plotline.

“Some of the screenplay echoes how I feel. She’s speeding towards her conclusion, just as I’m hurtling toward the end of my time in Emmerdale,” the soap opera actress added.

Although I haven’t seen the scripts for her passing, I’m hoping for the best outcome possible.

“This is a larger family story, not just a story about cancer,”

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