Emmerdale spoilers: Suzy’s dark past with Holly exposed, Noah’s shock visitor revealed

Next week on Emmerdale, Suzy and Moira get into problems, Liv helps her mother, and Noah makes an unusual jail visit.

You now have access to all the Emmerdale spoilers for July 11–15, 2022.

Suzy exposed as secrets about Holly’s death are revealed

Unbeknownst to Priya and Suzy, Moira is watching a slideshow showcase at Take a Vow where a picture of Holly Barton flashes up.

She therefore makes the decision to pursue Suzy for further information on its purpose, especially given that the image depicts Holly in the attire she was sporting on the day of her passing.

Suzy will then be seen lying to get out of this embarrassing predicament, but Vanessa will soon push her and point out that Suzy has not been telling the truth.

Vanessa is surprised that Suzy doesn’t take advantage of this further opportunity to be honest when Moira later apologizes for her outburst.

But does Vanessa have more loyalty to her girlfriend or to Moira?

Liv tries to help her mum – but is she doing the right thing?

The £4,000 that Sandra owes to a man named Terry is a significant problem that Liv’s mother, Sandra, has brought with her.

Liv lets Sandra stay and puts Terry’s number on hold because she is certain that he is abusing her.

A hostile Terry soon calls and begins demanding money, giving Liv and Vinny a reason to regret giving Sandra sanctuary.

Vinny worries that Liv’s willingness to pay the money herself would backfire as the pressure on her increases.

When Terry finally obtains the money, he is only too happy to get rid of Sandra.

When Mandy gives her a position at the salon later in the week, Sandra also begins to exert her influence there.

But Bernice isn’t exactly delighted about Sandra spending the day in her shadow. How well will they get along?

Nicola wants justice

An empowered Nicola posts the video of the assault online and issues a call for help after confiding in Jimmy about the impact the recent attack has had on her mental health.

Nicola is adamant about holding the guilty parties accountable, but Bernice can’t help but be startled when the tape begins to get more exposure.

By the end of the week, though, PC Swirling is ringing around with an update, and Nicola has the name of one of the assailants.

Noah’s surprise prison visit

When Gabby receives a visiting order from Noah, she is surprised and decides to throw it away.

However, a cunning Amelia takes it back and steals Gabby’s ID to put a shocked Noah in jail.

Meanwhile, back in the community, Lydia begins to worry that Amelia is having problems with boys and attempts to persuade her to open up.

Dawn’s risky move

Beth, a friend of Dawn’s, overdoses and passes away, leaving her daughter Clemmie behind.

The problem is that the youngster is currently residing in a dilapidated home belonging to a Beth’s addict friend, where dangerous people frequently stop by. As a result, Dawn decides to bring Clemmie back to the village with her.

Then, Billy urges Dawn to get in touch with social services, but she declines and demands that Clemmie spend the night with them instead. Can Dawn, however, be persuaded to make the correct decision?

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