Emmerdale spoilers: Suzy Merton’s drugs secrets exposed as Laurel Thomas discovers the truth about Jai Sharma’s cocaine

Despite her best efforts to conceal them, SUZY Merton’s secrets are gradually coming to light.

One Emmerdale resident will expose her drug addiction the next week.

Ash Palmisciano’s Matty Barton has been acting inconsistently in recent episodes of the Yorkshire-based soap opera.

In subsequent sequences, Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough), who had hitherto been the calm figure, is the target of one of his tantrums.

Matty has had enough and reveals a bombshell when Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) tries to appease his rage towards Suzy.

The coke that caused Laurel and Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) to break up actually belonged to Suzy, according to Moira Dingle’s son.

As ITV viewers may recall, Laurel was alarmed when she learned that her ex-partner Jai had cocaine in his possession.

She broke up with him because she thought he had relapsed and she wanted to protect her kids.

What will be her response to Matty’s information?

The locals may learn the truth about Holly Dingle’s death as a result of this, which may also solve a puzzle in Laurel’s mind.

It was revealed in earlier episodes of Emmerdale that Suzy knew Holly, who passed away in 2016 from an overdose after attending a wedding.

Leyla Cavanagh was told by Suzy about how she and Holly had argued after Holly spent her money on heroin rather than cocaine.

She had then told Holly to go in a fury and had not spoken to her since.

She learned that night was Holly’s last six years later.

Leyla is aware of Suzy’s connection to Holly, but Moira Dingle was unaware Suzy might hold the solutions to her problems.

For many years, Moira has been trying to find the individual who gave her daughter the pills.

But no local has been able to provide her with the answers.

When Suzy saw a picture of Holly at Moira’s house, she was alarmed, but she has been hesitant to tell her the truth.

Suzy’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield, who is aware that she is concealing something, has attempted to get her to reveal it.

Could Matty lash out at Suzy even more than he has already?

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