Emmerdale spoilers: Suzy exposed as Moira grills her about Holly’s death

Suzy Merton from Emmerdale will at last be made public for her involvement in Holly Barton’s demise.

The following week on the ITV soap opera, Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) gets into trouble with Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) after it was discovered that she was involved in Holly Barton’s (Sophie Powles).

In September 2016, Holly died tragically, and her mother Moira cruelly found her dead body.

Suzy gave Holly the money to buy heroin, even though she didn’t directly contribute to Holly’s drug overdose death. Since learning what happened, Suzy has felt terrible guilt about her role in the incident.

And in the episodes airing the following week, Suzy’s hidden connection is exposed as Priya (Fiona Wade) and Suzy work hard to get ready for the HOP/Take A Vow presentation. The slideshow will feature a photo of Holly on the day of her death, but neither Priya nor Suzy are aware it is there.

Priya struggles with how different she appears now as Belle and Jai do a presentation while she watches and watches photos of her from before the burns.

When the picture of Holly also appears on the screen, things only grow worse.

Infuriated by the fact that Holly was wearing the exact same outfit on the day of her passing, Moira badgers Suzy for answers.

Moira naturally wants to know what happened, but because Suzy lied, Moira is left with more questions than she did before.

When Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) presses Suzy about why she chose to lie, Suzy finally reveals the details of the tragic night that resulted in Holly’s death and explains how she was involved.

The two are concerned that Moira has been overheard when she returns, but instead, she apologizes for her outburst.

Suzy wants Vanessa to preserve her secret for the time being, which disappoints Vanessa. Will Vanessa comply with Suzy’s request or will she be the one to inform Moira of the truth about what happened to her daughter?

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