Emmerdale spoilers: Sudden death, tragic Moira horror, big return

Deathly incidents are about to have a significant influence on a number of inhabitants in Emmerdale hamlet, not the least of whom is Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb).

Moira questions Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) about how she acquired the image and the rationale behind its inclusion in the Take A Vow presentation as reminders of Holly’s passing are brought to her.

Will the truth about Suzy’s involvement, however, eventually surface?

In the meantime, Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromley) is shocked by her friend’s unexpected death and quickly makes a dangerous choice about the welfare of the little child left behind.

And when Liv Flaherty’s mother Sandra (Joanne Mitchell) shows up, she is in for a tremendous surprise, while Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock) makes more progress by making a significant gesture to Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

Monday July 11

Unaware that Holly Barton’s death day photograph is part of the presentation, Priya and Suzy eagerly get ready for the HOP/Take A Vow showcase.

Priya struggles to see a picture of herself without burns as Belle and Jai start the presentation, and the issues worsen when a picture of Holly flashes up and Moira badgers Suzy for more information.

Moira has identified Holly’s clothing as the one she wore the day she passed away, trapping Suzy.

Moira is keen to find out what occurred, but when Suzy lies, her dreams are destroyed.

Soon later, Vanessa presses Suzy because she is aware that she has not been completely honest about Holly, and Suzy eventually relates what actually transpired on the night Holly died.

The two are concerned that Moira has been overheard when she comes, but instead, Moira apologizes for her earlier outburst.

Suzy begs Vanessa to preserve her secret, which disappoints Vanessa because she could have used this opportunity to tell Moira the truth.

Will Vanessa, however, continue to be loyal to Moira or Suzy?

When Sandra is made to acknowledge that she owes Terry $4000, Liv becomes irate.

Sandra argues Terry has been taking advantage of her in front of Vinny and Liv.

There is a feeling that Sandra is still lying about something despite Liv letting Sandra stay and blocking Terry’s number.

When Gabby receives a visiting order from Noah, she throws it away out of disgust; Amelia finds it in the trash.

She steals Gabby’s ID instead after realizing she’ll need it to use the visiting order.

Due to their same challenges, Marlon and Priya become close.

Tuesday July 12

When Rhona informs her what time Kit will come, Laurel is secretly intrigued and makes preparations to make sure she sees him.

Soon, Liv and Vinny question if they can put their trust in Sandra.

But when a scary Terry bursts in, confronts Sandra, and demands his money, they are terrified.

Sandra feels relieved when Liv agrees to pay the money herself after Terry applied pressure to get his money. Vinny believes Liv’s plan to assist her mother will fail later at the village hall. Smug Terry accepts their payment and appears relieved to be free of Sandra.

Noah is surprised Amelia instead of Gabby has come to visit him in jail.

Wednesday July 13

When Amelia admits to having problems with boys, Lydia sees an opportunity to gain Amelia’s trust and tries her best to persuade her that she can handle things better.

But may Lydia’s labor be undone by Charles’ sermon?

Liv is glad to hear Sandra is doing better and promises to help her find employment.

Kim learns from Dawn how her best friend was killed by an overdose. Dawn is upset by the possibility that it was actually her.

When Marlon asks Paddy to be his best man, Paddy is ecstatic.

Thursday 14th July

At first, Dawn is undecided if she will go to her friend’s burial. But encouraged by Billy’s encouragement, Dawn decides to go.

Following the funeral, Dawn and her companion Jade consider the past. When Dawn decides to return to Jade’s, she is aware that it is a bad choice.

Dawn arrives at Jade’s dilapidated home and discovers a child there.

Dawn is perplexed when a now-high Jade discloses that the child (Clemmie) is Beth’s and that Clemmie is unaware that her mother has passed away. Dawn is soon alarmed when a menacing man enters.

Dawn offers to take Clemmie home with her so that she may be safe and even offers them money in an effort to assist Clemmie.

When things start to get nasty, Clemmie grabs Dawn’s hand, and the two of them depart after exchanging shoes and money.

Billy begs Dawn to call social services when she and Clemmie arrive in the village, and is concerned when she declines.

Billy agrees to let Clemmie spend one night with them. Can Billy persuade Dawn to make the right decision, though?

Aware Jimmy will be coming home soon, and Nicola knows she needs to tell him how the attack has affected her mental health.

At first, Nicola tries to dodge the discussion by showing up for work at the cafe. But soon after hearing Nicola’s confession, Jimmy is shaken and vows to support her.

With his help, Nicola feels more resilient. Nicola posts the video of her attack on social media at home and asks for help identifying her assailants. Jimmy reluctantly concurs with her choice.

The fact that Matty was not present for Holly’s passing troubles him.

When Vinny informs Mandy that Liv’s mother has moved in, Mandy is shocked. Liv is later pleased with Mandy’s offer to assist in placing Sandra in a job.

A job in the salon is quickly offered to Sandra by Mandy.

Friday July 15

Nicola is determined to find the females who attacked her because their actions have been captured on camera, which is garnering additional attention.

When Bernice discovers Nicola has uploaded the video of her attack online, she is astonished. As soon as she has the name of one of her attackers, Nicola calls PC Swirling to inform him of the situation.

Sandra is given a tour of the Salon. But Bernice is not happy that Sandra will be following her around all day. What will she do?

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