Emmerdale spoilers: Struggling teen Cathy jumps to conclusions when Liam comforts her

Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) needs all the assistance she can get, but she has a few expectations of Liam (Jonny McPherson) that go beyond what he is ready to provide.

Tony Audenshaw’s character, Bob, had hoped that giving his teenage daughter some time away would help her begin to feel better and accept her symptoms. Instead, she arrived back in a distressed state, which she disclosed to Wendy (Susan Cookson), who sobbed when she realized nothing had changed.

The diagnosis of PMDD is excellent news for Cathy, but it’s horrible news that it’s incurable. For the teenager, this information is devastating.

She is determined to find a treatment since she won’t accept that she would have to live with this condition forever.

She won’t heed the advice of Bob, Wendy, or Bernice (Samantha Giles), despite their best efforts.

Later, she exhibits erratic behavior and hurls a garden statue out the B&B window in a fit of blind wrath. Things are getting worse for Cathy when it just barely misses Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker). She pushes Wendy to the ground as she can’t contain her wrath, forcing Bob to intervene. He does so, but his chest tingles as he does so.

Cathy runs away after realizing the seriousness of her deeds. Outside Tenants, Liam discovers her tending to an injured hand.

The two start talking when he politely requests that she show him the injuries. The idea that he is open to hearing what she has to say when it seems like no one else will comforts Cathy.

In a time when she is feeling so alone, his kindness comes as a surprise and is much appreciated.

It doesn’t take long for her to assume that he has bad intentions as they continue to discuss her condition and he gives her more of his time. What will he think of her presumptions?

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