Emmerdale spoilers: Sinister Victor on the run from police after violent showdown with Charles and Claudette

Victor, Charles’ father, is undoubtedly a nasty man. As Victor has been determined to re-enter his son’s life, tensions between Charles and Victor have been growing in Emmerdale. Now, when Victor receives his just desserts, everything will come to a dangerous head.

Due to his turbulent relationship with his father as a child, Charles has been struggling with his return. Charles has made an effort to continue being the good Christian that he is, in large part due to Manpreet’s (Rebecca Sarker) encouragement, but after witnessing his father deceive his mother, he is struggling with his unchristian impulses.

Victor is nothing but smug about Claudette and Victor’s complete reconnection, which outrages Charles.

He parades his authority in front of Charles to demonstrate his confidence in himself. When he confronts his father about sneaking back in, things become ugly when the two start fighting. Who, though, loses more?

Charles is caught by Claudette hitting his father, so she gives him a good motherly whack.

Manpreet is currently working to grudgingly arrange the exchange and restore the family treasure necklace to Jai. Jai urges her to speak with Charles, but when she does, everything goes wrong: not only does their conversation result in a fight, but Charles also finds out Victor was listening in.

Later, as Victor prods him, Charles decides that he must get rid of his father.

The following day, just as Jai is about to pick up the jewellery, Charles begs Manpreet to give him another chance. The treasured heirloom is lost, which is a sad finding.

Manpreet suspects Victor right away, which Claudette finds unbelievable. But when she discovers the jewellery in Victor’s pocket, she is speechless. He actually IS the person Charles thought he was.

Victor panics as he is forced into a corner and runs as Manpreet phones the police. He’s being pursued by the cops, but he’s not going down without a fight. How will this awful confrontation end?

Flo Wilson remarked, “I think her heart’s broken,” when describing Claudette’s realisation that Victor has the necklace.

She is aware of his illness and had hoped that today would be their only opportunity to simply be together. She is shocked that he has ruined their relationship once more for such a silly mistake.

He wants her to trust him when he says he didn’t take it. She is unable to listen to him because she has experienced such situations in the past numerous times. I don’t want to see you, she basically says. I don’t want to look at you or hear from you. He exits the house because he is upset.

She is feeling sorry for herself because she neglected to follow Charles’ advice. She feels even more foolish.

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