Emmerdale spoilers: Self-loathing Chloe shocks with a confession

Like most similar situations, Chloe (Jessie Elland) from Emmerdale has somehow managed to come out worse as the other woman over Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), and she might be ready to lose her sister as a result.

One nightmare for Chloe is fortunately resolved after Reuben received the all-clear following a brain scan, but another continues as a result of Mackenzie revealing Reuben’s paternity. In a moment of weakness, Charity (Emma Atkins) had unintentionally caught him holding his son when she realized the truth.

Therefore, Charity is aware that in addition to her new husband’s infidelity, the lady she adopted as a daughter and who provided a roof over her head also betrayed her in the worst way.

More drama for Chloe is imminent as actress Emma Atkins told Metro.co.uk that “[Charity] is going to have to face Chloe at some point.”

But Chloe must deal with other music before Charity can get her teeth into it.

Chloe’s problems worsen while Mack urgently tries to cure them. Chloe feels terrible about what she’s done and like a terrible mother.

Chloe finds herself in a precarious situation when Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) shows up at the hospital. Chloe finally admits to her sister the truth, that Mack is Reuben’s father, as she cradles her kid while feeling depressed.

Amy is in absolute shock at what Chloe did; is their sisterly bond once more in jeopardy?

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