Emmerdale spoilers: Second heart attack terror revealed for Bob

It wasn’t that long ago in Emmerdale that Tony Audenshaw’s character Bob Hope suffered a heart attack. After arguing with Liam (Jonny McPherson) in the street, Bob passed out. If Liam hadn’t acted quickly to use the defibrillator that was close by, Bob might not have lived.

Even though he is now recovering nicely from surgery, he should definitely be taking it easy and leading a calm life during this time. However, leading a quiet life can be difficult when your daughter is the troublesome adolescent Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling).

Recently, Cathy and her brother spent some time in the Lake District, and it was clear that she was worried about her father’s health.

Of course, she also has her own health issues, and this time, she’s having a hard time, which almost has fatal consequences for poor Bob.

Cathy was finally given the diagnosis of PMDD, a hormonal disease, after months of battling mood swings, painful periods, and other symptoms. She was dismayed to learn that before receiving any extra support at school, she first needed to have a formal diagnosis from a specialist.

In next episodes, this official diagnosis is presented. Cathy is disappointed that the only medical assistance offered is to help her manage the symptoms, despite some relief that her disease has been confirmed. There is no remedy, as she has already been informed.

In a fit of passion, Cathy throws a garden ornament through the B&B’s window, just missing Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker), as a result of her anger and aggravation over this information.

Wendy (Susan Cookson), who tries to step in, is pushed to the ground by Cathy. Bob is aware that he needs to act, but as he runs to assist, he feels a pain in his chest and worries that he is about to experience another heart attack.

Cathy is momentarily stopped in her tracks when she sees her father struggling and in agony, and Manpreet rushes to his side to check him over. She attributes the incident to herself, but Wendy, who yells at her to leave, also holds her responsible.Cathy rushes out while bleeding from a cut on her hand, unsure of whether or not her actions had caused her father to experience a second heart attack or how critical his condition is.

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