Emmerdale spoilers: Rhona’s wedding heartache and sick family love triangle

As things are going to turn hot and steamy for some characters, Emmerdale is in for another scorching week.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, Marlon Dingle’s health continues to deteriorate, worrying closest friend Paddy Dingle.

But with his wedding rapidly approaching, will Marlon be able to be to the church in time or will he entirely miss his special day?

In a different story, Gabby Thomas develops a crush on a familiar online figure.

The same man has also piqued Laurel Thomas’ interest, which quickly develops into a twisted family love triangle involving the three of them.

Rhona wedding heartache

Marlon attempts to get out of his wheelchair at his impromptu stag party but fails as his legs give out, falling to the ground.

Best friend Paddy proposes that Marlon visit the neighborhood hospital for a checkup after observing him stumble.

As long as there isn’t an ambulance present and his future wife Rhona is kept in the dark, Marlon is willing to consult a doctor.

When the doctor tells a distraught Marlon at the hospital that he must stay overnight because the test results showed extremely high blood pressure, Marlon is knocked for six.

Finally, the morning of the wedding arrives, but a delighted Rhona is still unaware of Marlon’s condition and is unaware that he is presently in the hospital.

Marlon is very perplexed when the doctor informs him that his blood pressure readings are still too high for him to be discharged and that doing so would result in him leaving the hospital too soon.

Paddy attempts to calm Marlon down because he can tell he’s anxious, but they both end up getting stressed out.

Rhona can sense that something is off despite Mary and Vanessa’s best efforts to stop her from going to church.

Vanessa reassures her and informs her that Marlon will be attending his own wedding while she continues to hope he will be at the chapel on time.

Not long after, Priya is overcome with relief when Paddy propels a determined Marlon towards her in his customized wedding wheelchair; both men are elegantly attired in their wedding clothes.

Rhona believes that Marlon isn’t right as time is running short, but just as her suspicions start to spread, Paddy crashes through the door and wheels Marlon inside.

On their momentous day, Marlon and Rhona finally exchange vows, and everyone is overcome with emotion.

Sick family love triangle

Gabby, who is trying to move on with her life, was about to give up on online dating when a handsome “Chris” appeared on her screen.

Kit is Gabby’s mystery date, and he is a well-known individual.

The next morning, when Laurel shows up at Home Farm without warning, Gabby becomes agitated. Just as an unobservant Kit descends the stairs, she hurries her out of the door.

Later that day, Kit is completely unremorseful as he manages his relationships with Laurel and Gabby with ease.

The following day, Laurel proposes to Gabby a double date with their new beaus.

When Kit persuades Laurel that he is preparing food for them back at the shop while she is locked in his web of lies, he hides his relief behind a fake smile.

But as he manages to drag things out, Kit secretly apologizes to Gabby for being late a short while later.

Kit quickly considers his alternatives as Laurel makes a sexy move and suggests that he stay.

When a message from Kit arrives, Gabby beams excitedly and quickly answers the message. Having just had his second dinner, Kit is now at Home Farm talking to Gabby.

Kit is passionately kissed by Gabby as she leads them upstairs to consummate their affair, just as Laurel enters.

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