Emmerdale spoilers: Noah is released, Al confronted by Kerry

How will Noah respond when he visits the community in Emmerdale the following week? Additionally, Sandra sets her sights on Rishi while Al and Chas aren’t being as cunning as they think.

Your Emmerdale spoilers for July 25–29, 2022, are here.

Noah’s prison release

When Dan discovers a “To Let” sign outside his home, he is shocked, but when he confronts Kim, she must pretend not to know what is going on. Later, Kim lashes out at Gabby for failing to inform her and asks that Dan and Amelia provide two months’ notice before leaving.

The situation suddenly changes when Kim catches Amelia trying to steal Gabby’s most recent prison visiting order.

Dan soon learns that Amelia has been pretending to be Gabby in order to visit Noah as well.

But when Harriet asks Dan and Amelia to live at Woodbine, Dan can at least breathe a sigh of relief about housing.

Charity learns that Noah will be released from prison in just a few days’ time in the interim. However, as soon as her son arrives home, he avoids her.

Lydia’s wedding planner stress

Although Kim may be setting her expectations a little too high when she announces Lydia as her new wedding planner, she has always had faith in Lydia.

Fans should anticipate Lydia being under a lot of stress when she is left to plan what she hopes would be the wedding of the century because, as we all know, Kim isn’t exactly the low maintenance resident of the village.

Cheating Al is confronted by Kerry

Chas is encouraged to learn that Al is returning, but Kerry’s desire to spend time with him almost prevents their initial meeting. Al nevertheless succeeds in planning a later covert meeting with Chas.

He is unaware that Chloe overheard Al discussing his appointment arrangements, and she ends up telling Kerry where her boyfriend will be later that day.

Since Chas and Al are currently post-coital in an upstairs bedroom, Kerry gets dressed up and positions herself in the hotel foyer.

The moment the unfaithful lovers attempt to leave, Al catches Kerry and shoos Chas away. Kerry, however, is growing increasingly uneasy, especially after learning that Al Chapman is not currently booked, according to the receptionist.

As a result, when Al is questioned by a furious Kerry about his recent whereabouts, the stage is set for a confrontation to occur back in the hamlet.

Sandra seduces Rishi

Sandra is Mandy’s top target because she knows that money from the tip jar is disappearing.

However, Liv’s light-fingered mother makes a big show of adding client Rishi’s tip to the pot because she is aware of Mandy’s suspicions.

Sandra’s ears perk up when she learns that Rishi has received an unexpected windfall since she is now aware that she needs to find a new source of income.

Soon after, a highly interested woman responded to Rishi’s dating page. Of course, Rishi had no idea Sandra was influencing things from behind the scenes.

Sandra steps in, having set Rishi up well, when the woman from his dating app subsequently cancels on them.

Rishi is concerned about the scenario the morning after the previous night, and Sandra can’t help but take advantage of his fear. In order to atone for his actions, Rishi gave a money envelope.

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