Emmerdale spoilers: Noah Dingle terrorises Gabby Thomas from prison

Next week, Noah Dingle of Emmerdale will terrorize Gabby Thomas from a prison cell.

Chloe Harris endured a horrifying ordeal at the hands of the perverse adolescent, who was then sent down for three months.

In upcoming scenes, Gabby receives a visitation order from Noah.

However, Gabby is disgusted to receive Noah’s request and trashes it.

Amelia Spencer, who has a love on Noah, later finds it in the trash and decides to go see the disturbed boy.

She steals Gabby’s ID instead after realizing she’ll need it to use the visiting order.

Noah is surprised Amelia instead of Gabby has come to visit him in jail.

What, though, is Amelia bringing Noah?

Back in the hamlet, Lydia sees an opportunity to gain Amelia’s trust and tries her hardest to persuade Amelia that she can handle things better after Amelia admits to having problems with boys.

But may Lydia’s labor be undone by Charles’ sermon?

It happens after soap opera viewers anticipated a sinister twist when Noah was jailed for stalking his ex-girlfriend Chloe.

The teenager begged his mother for assistance last month, but she was powerless to do anything but observe.

Fans of Emmerdale are now certain that he will see Chloe’s criminal father in jail, though.

I take it that Chloe’s father will be Noah’s cell mate, someone wrote.

“Chloe’s Dad will be waiting for Noah then, I think,” remarked the second.

“Cue him meeting Chloe’s dad,” another person remarked.

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