Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola behind fresh attack on girl?

According to next week’s Emmerdale spoilers, Nicola learns that a girl has been attacked.

She worries that her social media post might have had a role.

Will she eventually learn the truth?

Emmerdale: Nicola’s attack

A group of adolescent girls attacked Nicola last month.

Before stealing Nicola’s luggage, the girls started berating her verbally.

They searched her luggage, found a photo of her kids, removed her ID, then threw her car keys in the trash.

One of the females shoved Nicola to the ground as she picked up her keys and returned to the car.

Nicola was punched and assaulted by the girl. One of the girls was watching the attack while all of this was going on.

After the attack, one of the girls approached Nicola and apologized. This girl is likely the one who was watching from a distance.

Nicola has battled PTSD ever since the attack.

But this week she decides to post the attack’s video online while pleading for information on her attackers.

She is motivated to defeat her attackers as more people watch the video.

Soon after, Nicola succeeds in obtaining the identity of one of the assailants and updates PC Swirling.

Emmerdale spoilers: Nicola behind fresh attack on girl?

But once another girl is attacked the following week, things take a horrible turn, and Nicola is left feeling miserable.

She fears that it might have been caused by her social media post.

Theories regarding Nicola’s assault

Different ideas concerning Nicola’s attack have been proposed by fans.

Many people have speculated that Nicola might have known one of her assailants.

Another hypothesis is that the girl who witnessed the assault and afterwards apologized to Nicola was Naomi, Charles’s daughter.

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