Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky’s plans fall apart when Gabby grows suspicious

According to next week’s Emmerdale spoilers, Nicky’s schemes fail as Gabby develops doubts about his actual motivations.

This comes after it was made clear to viewers that Nicky is Caleb Miligan’s child and that the nanny’s engagement to Gabby was really a ruse to seize Kim’s Home Farm.

But why does Gabby start to doubt Nicky? Next week on Emmerdale, is she aware of his scheme?

Nicky is Caleb Miligan’s son in Emmerdale.

Last week, shocking scenes from Emmerdale revealed that Nicky, the nanny, is actually Caleb Miligan’s kid, who is the son of Frank Tate.

Viewers learned the truth when Caleb approached Leyla’s stalker, who then took off his hood and revealed who he was.

Leyla had been under Nicky’s protection.

Nanny Nicky then identified himself as Caleb’s son and warned Caleb to stay away from Leyla or he would inform his mother.

Nicky also talked about his and Caleb’s strategy for liberating Home Farm from Kim, which included their engagement to Gabby. The father and son next made their way to the cemetery, where they stood by Caleb Tate’s father Frank Tate’s grave.

The two have been working together to reclaim what is properly theirs, with plans to devastate Kim and drain her of all of her resources.

Emmerdale rumors: Gabby starts to doubt Nicky The public is aware that Nicky and Gabby’s engagement isn’t real.

representing his emotions. In fact, Nicky admitted to Caleb that he has taught himself not to throw up whenever Gabby gives him puppy dog eyes.

Gabby is deeply committed to the concept of having the fairy-tale wedding of her dreams since she and Nicky are in love.

Nicky, however, makes known his intention to wed Gabby as soon as possible the following week. This causes Gabby to become suspicious and wonder why things are being rushed.

Will Gabby foil Nicky’s evil scheme? Or will Nicky succeed in deceiving Gabby once more and turn the situation around?

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