Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky ‘caught out’, Pollard unconscious and death confirmed

Emmerdale is about to heat up as several characters will be tested to the breaking point the following week.

According to Emmerdale spoilers, the B&B’s reopening has finally happened, but because of the mounting tension, Bernice Blackstock is struck speechless when she learns that a hired harpist has developed feelings for her.

But the launch day will be more chaotic than anticipated when her business partner Bob Hope delivers some sad news.

Elsewhere Amelia Spencer, Noah, and Samson Dingle’s family is concerned because it is evident that they are having financial difficulty caring for baby Esther.

But, when Sam Dingle tries to handle things on his own, things swiftly go south when Eric Pollard becomes tangled up in their money troubles.

Also, when Gabby Thomas’ attempts to seduce Nicky fail, she will be taken by surprise the next week.

Death confirmed

When Bernice confirms a harpist she obviously likes will be their act for the opening night of the renovated and improved B&B, Bob is obviously disappointed.

Meanwhile, Cathy lashes out once more in anger when Bob advises her to stay somewhere else for the B&B’s grand opening.

The cake Marlon had just brought over is mistakenly destroyed the next day by Cathy, who then flees the scene in tears out of embarrassment.

Bob is left completely bewildered by the turn of events as Bernice tries to calm Cathy down as things begin to spiral out of control.

Bernice gives her an amethyst pendant to help her cope with her stress, but when Cathy tries to apologize to Bob, he says he’d prefer she stay away from the B&B entirely, and she loses her temper once more.

Cathy crushes the amethyst pendant with her foot after reaching her breaking point.

Cathy just doesn’t understand why she’s feeling this way as she bursts into irritated and perplexed tears.

After spending the night with Tim the harpist, Bernice awakens blissfully in the B&B bedroom on the day of the B&B’s spectacular re-opening.

As she realizes she has significantly overslept, she springs into action in a panic and swiftly has an irate Bob cover for her.

The B&B’s proprietors, Bob and Bernice, nervously anticipate the arrival of their first guests in the afternoon while protective Bernice fills in for absent harpist Tim.

Bernice is enjoying her role as hostess as the visitors for the re-opening trickle inside the venue, but when Bob tells her that he’s discovered Tim the harpist dead, Bernice is left feeling overwhelmed and frightened.

Pollard unconscious

Samson will continue to cause discord between Noah and Amelia the following week.

Dan feels helpless about not being able to provide for his family while also being aware of the young Amelia’s financial struggles, and Noah is shocked to learn he has lost his apprenticeship now that Marcus has left the area.

Amelia scrambles to find someone to watch baby Esther when Noah hurries off to see a potential new employer.

But, even after finding out that Samson had been caring for Esther while he was away, Noah continued to have doubts about his cousin’s motivations.

Sam, who is also feeling the squeeze, wants to financially support his granddaughter.

Elsewhere While he tries to win back Amelia’s favor, Samson starts to play around with Noah.

Samson soon surprises Noah by tricking him into promising a payment from his trust fund in exchange for staying away from Esther.

Samson, however, is pleasantly surprised when Noah agrees to a payment and offers him $2,000 to stay away from Amelia and Esther permanently.

Sam later suggests to Cain that Dan get a pay raise to help pay for Esther, but Cain is apprehensive and opposes the notion.

Sam chooses to take significant action when Cain advises him to use his unique perspective as a Dingle.

Sam tries to divert Pollard while he steals baby supplies for Esther in the neighborhood shop, but he is confronted by a suspicious Pollard, and in his haste, he escapes the scene.

But, determined not to allow Sam get away with his crime, Pollard trips and knocks his head while hard on Sam’s tail as he flees along Main Street.

Sam wonders what he did as he looks down in amazement and fear at an unconscious Pollard.

Will Pollard have too late?

Nicky ‘caught out’

When Gabby’s advances on Nicky continue to be ignored and ignored, she grows more and more irate.

When Gabby asks Nicky to zip up her dress, she finally sparks a spark with him in an attempt to see whether he would break.

Gabby is glad that they are finally moving forward with him even if she is aware that his eyes are all over her body.

Nicky is left unimpressed when Gabby temporarily fires him so they can have fun because he knows that she is his employer and that’s probably why he’s hesitant to start something with her.

Yet when Nicky abruptly leaves his job in place, Gabby is put in a bind.

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