Emmerdale spoilers next week: Dead body found, Marcus secret exposed and Eric death fears

The ITV soap opera Emmerdale will have a number of revelations next week as secrets are revealed and a body is even found in the Dales.

While Bob and Bernice work to update the B&B under new ownership, the body is discovered. Both women are naturally shocked by the finding.

Ethan will be in disbelief next week when he learns his boyfriend Marcus Dean’s secret for the first time.

As the couple struggles to mend their relationship while dealing with problems, viewers of the ITV soap opera have speculated that something isn’t quite right between them.

When tempers rise in the Dales, two characters on the ITV soap Emmerdale come to brutal blows.

The fight occurs while Sam, who is in a desperate state, tries to come up with a solution to the Dingle family’s ongoing financial problems.

Here is what Emmerdale fans can anticipate for the upcoming week.

Dead body found

When Bernice announces that a harpist—whom she has obviously become fond of—will perform as their act on the B&B’s opening night the following week, Bob feels depressed.

Due to her persistent hormonal issues with her heavy periods, Cathy snaps at Bob and becomes indignant when he recommends she stay somewhere else for the B&B’s opening.

After spending the night with Tim the harpist, Bernice awakens blissfully in the B&B bedroom on the day of the B&B’s spectacular re-opening.

Untidy Bernice stands in for her when she is absent with an irate Bob after realizing she has significantly overslept.

Tim the harpist doesn’t show up, but Bernice fills in for him while Bob and Bernice nervously await their first guests that afternoon at the B&B.

The horrifying news from Bob that he’s discovered Tim the harpist dead interrupts Bernice’s enjoyment of her job as hostess just as the visitors for the re-opening arrive. What might have occurred to him after he left Bernice?

Later, Wendy overhears a chat between Bob and Bernice and is shocked to learn that the two had slept together.

As Bob knocks on Wendy’s door, she accuses him of having an affair with Bernice, shocking Bob.

She pours icy water down on him from an upper floor window. When a sopping wet Bob shows up at the B&B, Bernice is perplexed.

She is horrified by the claim that Wendy had an affair with Bob, but since she thinks Wendy might be going through the menopause, she quickly comes up with a plan to step in as Cathy arrives to talk to Bob.

Eric feared dead

Sam tries to come up with a way to get more money because he feels helpless that he can’t support his granddaughter Esther.

Sam has a strategy for making money that he shares with Cain the next week. Cain, who is tight-lipped, rejects Sam’s suggestion that Dan get paid more.

Instead, he advises Sam to become a little more resourceful while hunting for money and to accept the reality that he is a Dingle.

His advice launches a disastrous chain of events, as Sam takes Cain’s nudge and runs with it in subsequent scenes.

He chooses to try his luck in the business after deciding that the Dingle approach would be to take what he needs if he can’t afford it.

Sam steals a number of baby supplies while setting up Pollard to be distracted, but when Pollard grows suspicious, Sam panics and runs away because he is unaccustomed to committing crimes.

Pollard is not about to let a Dingle steal his produce, so he sets off after a desperate Sam. However, in his eagerness to apprehend the thief, Pollard trips and suffers a brain injury.

Sam is left with a sense of impending doom at what he’s just done as he stares at an unconscious Pollard. Eric, are you going to be okay? And what consequences might Sam now experience?

Marcus secret exposed

When Ethan receives a letter from a mysterious man and subsequently sees him getting into a stranger’s car, some viewers have come to the conclusion that he may be having an affair.

In the upcoming week, things will get increasingly rougher for Ethan and Marcus, but not before they finally receive some positive news.

When they are able to make things right, the two are elated, and Ethan is especially happy.

But, as it becomes clear that Marcus harbors a hidden guilt regarding something that transpired, things quickly become challenging once more.

Meanwhile, Ethan intends to pop the question to Marcus, but he will be in for a shocking surprise. Has he discovered anything? Does it endanger their future now that everything seems to be going well for them again?

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