Emmerdale spoilers: Moira drops Mack baby bombshell and Cathy horror diagnosis

Emmerdale’s not-so-quiet village is experiencing high emotions as some of the characters prepare to receive heartbreaking information.

According to Emmerdale rumors, Moira Dingle will do her utmost to persuade her brother Mackenzie Boyd of the advantages of fatherhood while pleading with him not to give up hope entirely.

Charity Dingle will, however, become frustrated and perplexed because she has already stated that she does not want any more children.

Cathy’s irregular behavior and mood swings will finally be explained to Bob Hope in the meantime, but will the father of two be able to meet his daughter’s needs?

Moira informs Mack of the pregnancy.

Next week, Sarah and Chloe visit the community once more.

Charity is devastated to learn that the location of her forthcoming hen party has been flooded and must now find a new location.

Charity is very doubtful of Mack’s choice of best man after Moira’s arrival leaves her in charge of both the hen party and Mack’s stag party in addition to serving as his best man.

But when Sarah and Chloe show there and Mack asks what’s going on, things get tense.

Mack is relieved when Chloe says she’s only back for a doctor’s visit and will soon be relocating permanently to Scotland.

Moira is confident there is more going on after observing Chloe and Mack interacting, but she chooses to leave it alone for the time being.

The next day, Charity’s anxiety grows as a result of Moira planning her hen party.

But, Moira has other things on her mind since she asks Mack, “Are you really sure you want to give up the chance to have a baby of your own?” later on.

As Charity gets home, Moira is already driving doubts into Mack’s mind that she makes her uncomfortable.

After Moira’s disparaging remarks the day before, Mack’s life is still in a chaotic state the following day.

Mack grows increasingly anxious as he believes that everything is going wrong when Ryan and Nate inform him that they won’t be attending his stag party.

Charity is not impressed when Moira announces the theme for the joint Stag and Hen party at the Hide, in the meanwhile (Yorkshire vs. Scotland Highland games).

But, despite the uproar, Moira keeps pressuring Mack to choose Charity above the possibility to become a parent.

Chloe is rebellious when Mack tells her not to stay at the party for too long as tensions rise.

Mack goes to Charity’s help when she accidently hurts Chloe while reveling in the outcome of a ferret race.

Amy transports an exhausted Chloe to the hospital, and Mack is obliged to keep his mouth shut to avoid coming off as unduly worried.

Mack feels he needs to speak up right away because Moira is still making trouble with Charity.

But when Mack admits that Moira believes he still wants to be a dad more than anything, Charity is furious.

Charity finds it difficult to believe Mackenzie when he asserts that there is no truth to Moira’s assertions. When Charity leaves the room, Mack declares that he will never be able to forgive his sister if she has damaged their relationship.

Shocking diagnosis for Cathy

After being transported to the hospital last week, Bob’s daughter is suffering, and Bernice and Wendy are doing their best to comfort him.

Cathy is first concerned about the consequences of Manpreet and Wendy’s breakthrough diagnosis of the origin of her ailments.

Later, Manpreet tells Bob that Cathy’s discomfort and overall suffering could be due to Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Cathy, who is listening in on their conversation, is shocked to learn that the disease could have a long-term impact on her.

Bob chooses to hold off telling Cathy about this potential diagnosis until it has been verified in an effort to protect his daughter.

In spite of this, Cathy enters and claims to have heard everything.

Broken-hearted Cathy isn’t ready to listen to Bob when he tries to reassure her by saying they’ll get over it.

Later, Bob is looking for Cathy, who has vanished.

He is determined to assist his daughter through everything, so when he eventually locates her, he makes an effort to allay her concerns.

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