Emmerdale spoilers: Moira Dingle makes shock discovery about dead daughter Holly

MOIRA Dingle has been searching for answers while grieving lost her daughter Holly for six years.

Next week, the Emmerdale farmer makes a startling revelation regarding her deceased daughter, which might help her to solve the puzzle.

After attending a wedding at the age of 25, Moira Dingle (played by Natalie J. Robb) discovered her daughter Holly dead in her bedroom.

She later died from a heroin overdose, but there are still unanswered concerns regarding how she died.

Fortunately for Moira, issues might soon be resolved, especially since Suzy Merton (Martelle Edinborough) decided to settle in the Dales.

The following week, Priya Sharma and Suzy eagerly get ready for the Hop and Take A Vow showcase, but they are unaware that Holly Barton’s death day photo would be included in their slideshow.

Later, when the image appears during Belle Dingle and Jai Sharma’s presentation, Moira starts pestering Suzy for further details.

When Suzy realizes that Moira recognized Holly’s clothing as the one she wore the day she passed away, she is trapped.

The farmer is in need of explanations, but when Suzy lies, her dreams are dashed.

She is unaware that her ex-girlfriend Vanessa Woodfield is aware she lied and is on to her.

When Suzy tells the local veterinarian the truth about what actually transpired the night Holly died, Moira shows up.

Suzy and Vanessa are both concerned that Moira overheard their chat, but Moira really apologizes for her outburst earlier.

Suzy has the ideal chance right now to be honest… However, Vanessa is unhappy to discover that she passes up the opportunity to speak up.

Farther pleading with Vanessa to protect her secret for her, Suzy goes one step further.

Since she arrived in the named settlement, the visitor has been cloaked in mystery.

But it became clear that Suzy genuinely knew Moira’s daughter and had some knowledge of her final moments when her drug use and Leyla’s own vice came to light.

Will she provide Moira with the details she seeks?

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