Emmerdale spoilers: Matty’s revenge on Suzy leaves another villager in danger

Since finding that Suzy Merton was involved in his sister Holly’s death, Emmerdale’s Matty Barton has gone on the attack in the ITV soap opera.

When Matty (Ash Palmisciano) discovered Suzy had purchased the narcotics that murdered Holly, he previously made a deal with Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb).

After hearing the news, Moira was distraught and concentrated on mourning, but Mack and Matt were left seeking retribution.

Since he was gone going through the change, Matty wasn’t in the village when his sister passed away.

At Holly’s cemetery, Moira urged Matty to stop thinking about Suzy and concentrate on honoring his sister’s life. However, Matty afterwards vowed to Mack that he would exact revenge.

This is what happens on the soap next week, according to ITV spoilers, as Matty’s plans to counterpunch Suzy endanger someone.

Next Monday, when Callum shows up at Take A Vow asking Leyla to keep drugs in exchange for money, the drama begins, leaving Leyla alarmed.

When Leyla contacts Callum to accept his position, she realizes she has overstepped the mark as Take A Vow’s financial concerns increase.

Leyla is concerned the following day when Callum shows up with a bag of narcotics that is significantly greater than the amount she agreed to store, but she is confused of what to do when he pays her extra.

In later scenes, Suzy asks Callum if Leyla is still scoring when she is startled to see him outside Take A Vow.

Gobsmacked Matty stands back and observes, certain he is seeing a narcotics transaction.

When Suzy inquires about Leyla’s use of cocaine, Leyla lies through her teeth, but Suzy is dubious of her claims that she has given up the drug.

Later, when Matty sneakily investigates Take A Vow, he is horrified to discover a sizable holdall filled with drugs. He takes the holdall out of panic and runs away.

The following day, Matty is determined to get Suzy to accept accountability for her deeds.

When he seizes the chance to place the holdall containing the pills inside Suzy’s car, he is pleased with himself.

As Suzy arrives for Rhona’s hen party at the Hide, Matty is irritated to see her there as well.

Suzy realizes she’s not welcome when a furious Matty scolds her, so she leaves.

Matty confesses the drugs he planted in Suzy’s car to the police as she drives off.

When Callum comes back to Take A Vow and Leyla can’t find the medications, she becomes agitated. When Callum threatens to absolve himself of responsibility if Leyla doesn’t locate the missing pills before the end of the day, she becomes frightened.

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