Emmerdale spoilers: Marcus secret rumbled after cryptic phone call overheard by Manpreet

The ITV soap opera Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma is about to give her more than she bargained for when she discovers a significant discovery after listening in on Marcus Dean.

Next week on The Dales, Marcus (Darcy Grey) unintentionally shares information connected to newcomer Naomi Walters (Karine Peter).

In recent weeks, Naomi was located by Emmerdale vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Methurin), with whom she had an awkward first encounter.

Last year, Charles made the shocking revelation that in addition to his son Ethan (Emile John), he also had a kid with his ex-wife Esme.

After Esme gave birth to Ethan, Charles cheated on her while she was from postpartum depression, and she later discovered she was pregnant once more.

Esme made the decision to conceal her second pregnancy from Charles during the breakdown of her marriage, and she gave birth to Naomi after they had divorced.

Esme later gave the child up for adoption, but years later she was reunited with Naomi, only for Charles to find out the truth and decide he was going to meet her.

When a distraught Esme called to report that Naomi was missing, a guilty Charles went in search of the woman.

In a reunion scene that left a lot to be desired, he eventually discovered his long-lost daughter working in a bar. Charles unexpectedly revealed that she was his daughter after pushing her boss over.

After Naomi stormed out of the pub, Charles was briefly imprisoned as a result of her boss’s irate call to the police.

Naomi unexpectedly appeared in Emmerdale when Charles made another attempt to get in touch with her. She said that she had no interest in getting to know Charles and that she only needed money because she had lost her job.

She had money in her pocket and was on her way out when Ethan stopped her and begged her to give Charles a chance.

Unrestrained, she walked away, and ever since, Charles has been quietly disappointed to find that they kept in touch, hoping he may one day reach out to them to mend their friendship.

However, according to ITV spoilers, Ethan’s boyfriend Marcus will be overheard talking on the phone about Ethan hooking up with Naomi the following week while Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) is around.

Marcus is interrupted by Manpreet so that she can question him about what she just heard, but Charles also appears. Will Charles and Ethan become estranged as a result of Ethan’s efforts to connect with Naomi?

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