Emmerdale spoilers: Manpreet FIGHTS BACK against serial killer sister Meena

Fans of EMMERDALE can expect a stressful week as Manpreet fights her serial killer Meena while frantically trying to save Vinny.

Since Christmas, Manpreet has been held captive by her perverted younger sister, Meena, who was compelled to relocate her sibling to a barn last week.

Meanwhile, Vinny had been looking around for clues to clear Liv’s name, and he quickly realized that Meena was the key to unlocking everything.

He followed her to the barn and was knocked out when she assaulted him from behind seconds after seeing Manpreet restrained.

Manpreet is eager to bring Vinny up to speed on all the people Meena has slain as he regains consciousness, according to a sneak peek at this week’s episodes.

Vinny is horrified, but assures Manpreet that they will be alright. Meena, on the other hand, has other plans and injects her sister with even more pills.

Manpreet attempts to slip free from her shackles and assaults Meena, wounding her wrist, while Vinny fears the end is coming. Meena, unfortunately for the pair, quickly has the upper hand.

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