Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle wants ANSWERS from Lydia

In this Friday’s episode of Emmerdale (ITV, 7.30pm; complete listings can be found in our TV Guide), Mandy Dingle makes snap judgments.

Help is urgently required for Lydia Dingle. She was attacked, but she didn’t feel she could tell anyone. Nobody, not even the cops, much less her devoted family.

The strategy to hide the awful experience is failing, however, as the cleaner’s blissful marriage to Sam is being destroyed by the secret, which is also ripping the cleaner apart.

Mandy rushes to conclusions and assumes that Lydia is preparing to leave Sam after noticing that something is obviously wrong with her.

The opposite is true, but will Lydia tell Mandy the truth when she confronts her?

Chloe may have moved in with her baby daddy Mack somewhere, but it hasn’t stopped her from having concerns about their compatibility, which led to the dissolution of his marriage to Charity Dingle.

Will Mack reveal his betrayal to the couple when they have a heart-to-heart or will he keep it a secret?

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