Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle turns spy in the salon…

In Monday’s episode, Mandy Dingle from Emmerdale is investigating (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

At the salon where tips have started disappearing, a beauty war is starting.

Mandy Dingle is certain that new hire Sandra, Liv’s misbehaving mother, has been stealing them, but when she raises her suspicions with her daughter-in-law Liv, it is not well received.

Sandra has been stealing money in the meantime, but when she realized Mandy was on her, she made a huge show of adding Rishi’s tip to the pot.

Sandra is looking for quick money, so when Rishi discusses a windfall, Sandra’s ears perk up.

Later, Rishi is overjoyed to receive a message from a woman who is interested in his online dating profile.

Sandra, however, is catfishing the Sharma father and is only interested in one thing.

Vanessa is depressed as a result of her breakup with Suzy.

However, Paddy has a plan and encourages Moira to put her differences with Suzy behind her so that she and V may get back together and have a happily ever after.

Dan will experience shock when he hears that he and his daughter will be kicked out of their home as a result of Amelia’s antics at Home Farm.

Kim discovers Amelia has been posing as Gabby and visiting Noah in jail as she investigates the unpermitted eviction.

Dan’s father finds the jail visits to be too much to handle when he hears about them.

When Harriet throws him a lifeline and says he and Amelia can move into Woodbine, he exhales a great sigh of relief with the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders.

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