Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle becomes suspicious about Liv’s mum Sandra after theft

At the ITV Dales, SANDRA Flaherty showed up and begged her daughter Liv for support with her drinking problem.

But there’s obviously more to her, and as money starts to disappear, Mandy Dingle starts to be wary of the new resident of Emmerdale.

Liv had no idea her mother was going to see her; she had been estranged from her family for months on end, and her brother had even left the area where they had grown up.

Sandra Flaherty, played once again by actress Joanne Mitchell, is expected to generate a lot of controversy.

She was first reluctant to live with Liv and Vinny Dingle, but the former changed her mind after realising she couldn’t give up on her mother.

She even went so far as to assist her in obtaining employment at Mandy Dingle’s (Lisa Riley) spa.

Although she appeared to be prepared for a new beginning, Sandra’s dark side eventually catches up with her in upcoming episodes of the Yorkshire serial opera.

Unbeknownst to Mandy, Sandra joyfully accepts a tenner tip the next week for herself.

Sandra is aware that she must be careful not to get caught when she is questioned about the missing money.

As Liv was able to control her own demons, Sandra arrived in the community and claimed she was seeking assistance for her alcoholism.

ITV viewers started to worry, though, when Sandra was seen talking on the phone with a stranger.

While warily clutching the phone and taking advantage of the fact that she was by herself in Mill Cottage Apartment One, Sandra made a commitment to the caller to get them money, completely unconscious that Vinny was entering the space.

A scary man named Terry recently broke into Vinny and Liv’s house.

Without any money, Sandra was forced to let her daughter pay off the thug’s debt.

As was already established, viewers of soap operas believe Sandra is hiding something and just cares about Liv’s wealth.

Could they be right after all?

Will Sandra be apprehended for robbing Mandy’s till of cash?

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