Emmerdale SPOILERS: Mack vows to win Charity’s forgiveness after his HUGE baby betrayal – can the short-lived newlyweds survive?

On next week’s episode of Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd will be determined to earn Charity’s forgiveness after she finally found out he was the father of Chloe Harris’ child.

After Charity discovered her husband’s link to the baby in a later scene, Mack is humiliated by his sister Moira after she finally pieces together all of his months of falsehoods.

It happens when a distraught Charity discovers that Mack had an extramarital affair with her and had fathered Reuben with Chloe.

While Moira exposes Mack’s months of lying in the upcoming episodes, her remarks ultimately provide him the motivation he needs to make amends with Charity.

Chloe, who is ashamed of herself, tells Amy, who has come to the hospital to snuggle with Reuben, that Mack is his father. Amy is horrified by what Chloe has done.

Will this unexpected loss of trust affect the couple’s marriage?

Only a few days after Charity (Emma Atkins) eventually discovers Reuben’s father, the scenes will be broadcast.

Only Nate Robinson and Sarah Sugden knew the truth about Mack and Chloe’s covert one-night stand and subsequent child for months.

However, as Mack struggled to deal with baby Reuben’s recent diagnosis of bacterial meningitis, things are finally about to come to a head this week when Mack’s wife Charity discovers his horrifying truth.

As he considers juggling his marriage to the landlady with a hidden life with his son, Mack’s friend Nate warns that he is deluding himself in upcoming scenes.

Meanwhile, Chloe (Jessie Elland) is shocked to learn from the physicians that Reuben might have a brain bleed.

Dan Spencer tries to remain upbeat about Reuben’s prospects over at the Woolpack, but Mack (Lawrence Robb), who has been drowning his sorrows over his son’s health problems, reaches his breaking point.

And when he hits Dan after that, wife Charity is shocked as he stalks off into the night.

A anxious Mack waits outside the hospital later because he can’t bring himself to enter.

Then, after receiving a call from Charity who has grown increasingly worried about the root of their disagreement, he ignores it.

When the consultant informs Chloe that Reuben will require another scan because his condition doesn’t seem to be getting better within the hospital, Chloe becomes incredibly concerned.

After realizing the depth of his friend’s worry for the child, Nate convinces Mack to take a trip to see Reuben in the hospital.

However, Mack is about to put his relationship in danger as he goes to the hospital because Charity is already wary of his strange behavior.

The doctor soon informs Reuben’s parents that he is not showing any signs of brain injury, which causes both parents to feel absolute relief.

And when Chloe invites him to visit Reuben with her, Mack seizes the opportunity to meet his son.

When Charity and Chloe’s half-sister Amy Wyatt learns that Reuben is recovering, she pays a surprise visit to the hospital without telling him.

But Charity is shocked to learn that Mack is the baby’s father when she sees an oblivious but emotional Mack cooing over Reuben.

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