Emmerdale spoilers: Mack issues a desperate threat to Ryan to hide his vile secret

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) finds himself in a precarious situation when Ryan (James Moore) learns that he had an affair with another woman behind Charity’s back shortly after the pair lost the baby they were expecting.

The audience is aware that Mack only dated Charity for one night following their heated dispute, during which she instructed him to go and “spread his seed” elsewhere and said she didn’t want to try for another child with him. A short while later, Mack was in bed with an unknown woman.

Since that time, Charity and Mack have reconciled once more, although Mack still occasionally receives unwelcome texts from the lady he had an affair with.

He opened up to Nate (Jurell Carter) about his adultery and guilt, and after getting wasted, Nate cracks a joke about Mack’s affair, which Ryan overhears.

Ryan demands that Mack tell his mother the truth about what he did since he is upset on his mother’s behalf.

However, Mackenzie is unsure of how to go about doing that, so he promises Ryan that he’ll defend himself against any charges Ryan could make. In the event that Mack denies everything and Ryan feels momentarily defeated, there isn’t much Ryan can do.

Ryan, though, is compelled to believe that Charity has a right to know what Mack did. Will he reveal what he knows to her in spite of Mack’s cautions?

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