Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia feels trapped as Craig gaslights her in aftermath of rape ordeal

As Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), who had been sexually assaulted by her boss Craig Reed (Ben Addis), attempted to cope, there were a few scenes in Monday’s (September 11) episode of Emmerdale that were really difficult to watch.

Although Lydia hasn’t revealed what occurred to anyone, those close to her have begun to realize that she isn’t herself. She wasn’t sleeping well, and Sam (James Hooton) noticed that she was exhausted and unwell. He then tried to get her to take a nap.

At the same time, Sam was unintentionally aggravating matters by gushing over Craig and what a terrific guy he is, as well as how thrilled Samson (Sam Hall) is to be completing a work experience program with Craig’s video game firm.

Sam remarked that Lydia should stay because it was helpful for Samson when she said that she was considering quitting her job with Craig because it was becoming too much.

Viewers would have expected Lydia to tell Kim (Claire King), who had also realized something was amiss with her friend, what had transpired, but once more Lydia decided to hide by claiming to be unwell and needing to go home.

Craig, however, emerged while she was trying to sleep at Wishing Well.

He tried to manipulate Lydia by referring to the rape as “our little thing,” a passionate moment that had swept them up but that they had “got out of our systems,” which was utterly disgusting behavior. They should “start over as dear old friends,” he urged.

Given what had transpired and what he was saying as he was doing it, Craig began folding the family’s laundry, an act that seemed horribly intimate.

When Lydia suggested that she no longer work for him, he responded by saying, “If you don’t come back to the office Samson will worry about his position.” Sam will seek clarification.

He claimed that things would have gone differently if he had known that she was carrying their baby, Toby, and implied that Lydia was somehow to responsible for Toby’s passing.

He made it abundantly plain that he was willing to strip Lydia of all that and return her to how she had been as a child, despite the fact that she had since recovered from the darkest period in her life to become happily married and the center of a loving family.

I don’t want to tell Sam that I made a fool of him, a cuckold, he said. He is unable to pardon this.

I hope this won’t be the last straw in your marriage. If you don’t get yourself together, I don’t want you to find yourself without anything once more.

According to Karen Blick, Lydia is scared that her marriage to Sam, her entire universe, could crumble as a result. And Lydia will no longer be a part of the Dingle family, which is extremely important to her. The Dingles are her entire universe because she was raised in foster care, alone, and with a great deal of distance from her own family.

When Sam got home, Craig was still there and continuing folding laundry, and Sam made matters worse by inviting him to stay for lunch.

After they discussed Samson, Lydia was forced to decide whether or not to agree to return to her job at Craig’s office the following day.

When will Lydia be able to ask for help and receive it?

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