Emmerdale spoilers: Liv left to die in brutally violent showdown

In future episodes of Emmerdale, Liv will understandably be feeling vulnerable after realizing that her mother Sandra has been trying to brutally exploit her for money. She will be relieved when Paddy convinces her to take the day off work.

However, it’s frightening to find Sandra’s accomplice Terry waiting for her at home, pleading with her to change her story about what she told the police. When Liv tries to flee from him, Terry slams her to the ground. As she stumbles, she bangs her head on the table and loses consciousness right away.

When Terry tries to flee in a fit of fear, he runs right into none other than Aaron Dingle, who engages in a struggle with him. When Harriet shows up, she takes Terry and Aaron into custody.

Aaron’s response upon seeing Terry was described to us by Danny Miller. He enters and observes a stranger in his home; nonetheless, given the panicking situation, Aaron simply responds by punching as usual.

As soon as that occurs, Harriet enters, forcing her to make the decision to arrest him. He actually doesn’t have much of a choice; it’s just awful timing. They both get arrested even though she walked right into Terry’s arrest.

After being taken to the hospital, Liv is still unconscious when Vinny (Bradley Johnson) gets to her bedside.

When Vinny informs Aaron Liv wants nothing to do with him at the hospital where he is visiting his sister, Liv has previously stated that she could never forgive him, so he is astonished to hear that Aaron was there to protect Liv.

Will Liv get better as Vinny waits impatiently for news? When she learns that her brother has returned to the hamlet, how will she respond?

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