Emmerdale spoilers: Liv Flaherty in danger as she takes desperate action to save mum Sandra

LIV Flaherty seeks to assist her mother in overcoming her addiction after she paid her an unexpected visit.

The Emmerdale resident, however, might not be in the best position to do so and endangers Sandra the following week.

Liv Flaherty’s (Isobel Steele) life in the titular town is improving after months of struggle, which included a term in jail for the murder of Ben Tucker until it was discovered Meena Jutla was truly guilty.

However, in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based serial, played by actress Joanne Mitchell, who previously played the character in the ITV Dales, the young girl had a visit from her mother Sandra.

Sandra promised when she arrived that she was prepared to receive treatment for her alcohol addiction and that she felt able to assist Liv because she had previously undergone recovery.

However, she becomes furious the next week when her mother is compelled to acknowledge that she owes Terry $4,000. (Neil Bell).

In doing so, Sandra confronts Vinny and Liv with her complaint and maintains that Terry has been exploiting her.

Liv lets her mother stay despite her suspicions that she may still be concealing something, causing her to block Terry’s number.

In time, Liv and her husband Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) start to question if they can believe anything Sandra says as a result of the broken trust.

But Liv and Vinny are alarmed when a scary Terry barges in, confronts Sandra, and demands his money.

Liv offers to cover the entire cost herself when Terry applies pressure to retrieve his money, much to Sandra’s relief.

Vinny expresses his worries in subsequent scenes at the Village Hall that Liv’s scheme to aid Sandra may fail.

A smug Terry accepts their money, obviously content to put an end to Sandra once and for all. Sandra is doing better the next day.

All is good until Liv proposes that she get a job.

But are things really as they seem?

Or is Sandra putting together a scheme to harm her own daughter?

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