Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla Cavanagh is CAUGHT taking drugs… will David tell Liam?

Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale exposes Leyla Cavanagh’s drug use (ITV, 7.30pm see our TV Guide for full listings).

Leyla Cavanagh is about to experience a catastrophic collapse.

Her sporadic drug usage has developed into a severe issue that interferes with every part of her life.

Leyla recently informed Jacob she would pay for his dorm room at the university when she was on a high.

But when her son shows her the pricey location he’s found and expects her to pay for, she is left regretting her bold move.

Things aren’t going well at work either.

Her abilities are negatively impacted by her highs and lows, which makes her wedding planning skills inadequate.

Leyla doesn’t fair well either when Kim enters and starts interrogating her about her wedding.

When Leyla can’t please Kim, she gets fired!

When David enters Take A Vow and notices the white powder on the table, Leyla is just about to take a line of coke and barely pauses for air before reaching for her stash.

Leyla attempts to talk herself out of it, but David is not deceived. Will he heed her request that he refrain from telling her doctor husband Liam?

Amelia has turned into a monosyllabic teen, and Dan is having trouble with her. Dan discovers that despite his best efforts, he has little knowledge of what is happening in his daughter’s life when Lydia informs him that Amelia has been seeing someone.

When her dad broaches the matter, will Amelia open up? Will she also let Dan know that she has been experiencing vertigo? She has been taking weight-gain syrup in secret, but is it making her sick?

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