Emmerdale spoilers: Leyla and Liam’s marriage over as her drug abuse is exposed?

Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers are revealed Leyla using drugs could be something Liam is soon to learn. But will it mean the dissolution of their union?

David discovers Leyla in possession of a line of cocaine. He’ll tell Liam, right?

Leyla makes a mistake in the Emmerdale rumors

Only Suzy has even noticed that Leyla has been struggling with a cocaine addiction for some months.

Liam, her husband, is helping her break the habit since he believes alcohol is the issue. He has no concept that he is dealing with the incorrect drug at all.

But David has observed that Leyla hasn’t been acting like herself.

Before her son leaves for college, he confronts her about her lack of interest in Jacob and charges her with failing to support her kid.

Guilty Jacob is happy when Leyla offers to pay for his lodging right away, but David is even more dubious.

When the effects of her coke-fueled high wear off, Leyla herself quickly regrets the offer.

David catches Leyla out

When Kim and Vanessa keep asking the wedding planner questions, things become difficult for her. Kim fires Leyla as her wedding coordinator because she is so unimpressed.

Leyla draws a line because she needs anything to make her miserable day a little better. However, David enters just as she is ready to sniff it.

He’s speechless.

Flustered Leyla tries valiantly to rationalize her way out of it. But David is furious because she was exposed.

Emmerdale spoilers: Liam discovers the truth?

In order to get her the assistance she needs, he believes Liam must be aware.

In her desperation, Leyla begs David to keep quiet since she is certain it would lead to the dissolution of her marriage.

Later, Liam receives a message from David wanting to meet, which throws Leyla for a loop.

Before he meets Liam, she makes an effort to speak with David and begs him once again not to ruin their friendship with his disclosure.

Leyla claims she has given up cocaine and won’t use it ever again. David might be gullible, but is he?

Or will he tell Liam the truth about his wife and make the correct decision?

What will Liam do after learning the truth? Will he intervene and lend a hand as Leyla battles her demons? Or will he desert her and break up with her?

Is the union between Liam and Leyla over?

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