You are currently viewing Emmerdale spoilers: Kim ‘holds all the cards’ as she prepares to destroy Will

Emmerdale spoilers: Kim ‘holds all the cards’ as she prepares to destroy Will

Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and if Kim’s lover ever crossed her, the Home Farm villain would be ready to annihilate him.

Kim is taken aback when Will (Dean Andrews) is forced to admit that DI Malone’s body is buried beneath her property. Claire King, who plays her, says her conniving alter ego has ‘all the cards.’

But when will she detonate her unexploded bomb – and will her affections for Will make things even more complicated?

‘Will has a great concern because of this anxiousness,’ Claire exclusively told about how Kim discovers Will’s darkest secret. Kim soothes him and demands to know what’s going on. He has to tell her eventually; she is stunned and refuses to trust her ears.

Will tells her that he murdered him and buried him. Because it’s on her property, she’s implicated, and she’s not happy about it. He believes she is going to report him to the cops, but Kim does not want to re-incarcerate him.

‘She has a decision to make, and Will wants to get out as quickly as possible.’

Should Will be concerned that Kim has this power over him if he ever offends her?

‘Of course – Kim has all the cards when it comes to Will.’ Will might be in big danger because the victim was a police officer. He had no choice but to fight or leave.’

Claire was quick to point out that Will has broken through Kim’s boundaries, so he may be safe for the time being — at least until he breaks her heart!

‘Kim doesn’t let her guard down too often, but when she does, like with Dave Glover and Graham, she truly does.’ I believe she has raised her defenses as a result of Frank’s treatment of her.

‘However, Will stands up to her when he needs to; he’s firm, and she admires that.’ He can also have a brutal side, and they’ve both spent time in prison — he’s appealing to Kim. They’re not dissimilar in any way.’

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