Emmerdale spoilers: Jacob is left fighting for his life, Lydia confronts Craig

The following week on Emmerdale, Lydia brands Craig a rapist in an outburst of rage.

Jacob also has an allergic response to certain nuts, putting his life in danger. Is Victoria to blame? And Gail is about to receive some unfavorable news.

You now have access to all the Emmerdale spoilers for September 18–22, 2023.

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1 Conflict between Lydia and Craig

Sam tries to make amends with Lydia one final time before leaving for Ireland, but she is unable to do so. Sam can’t help but believe that his wife is pushing him away as tensions are at an all-time high and Lydia is left attempting to hide her sadness.

While this is going on, Craig keeps using Samson as a tool to cause conflict in the Dingles’ home. He tries to get Samson to reveal details regarding Lydia and Sam’s connection at the Woolie. Craig, though, is apprehensive as Lydia herself storms the scene and angrily orders Samson to return home.

Samson is still told to stay away from Craig, and Mandy is growing increasingly concerned about Lydia. Later, as Lydia is cleaning at the workplace, Craig arrives and puts her on edge. And when he asserts that he did nothing wrong, a repressed Lydia discovers she can no longer control her rage and labels him a rapist.

What, though, will the attacker’s response be to her?

2 The allergic reaction of Jacob

Jacob suffers an allergic reaction after Victoria incorrectly tells him during a sampling session that a meal is nut-free.

An auto adrenaline injector is desperately sought for by everyone nearby as fear sets in. A struggling Jacob manages to point out that there is one in the car. Leyla fights to remain calm as Jacob loses strength, but Victoria runs to get the pen but can’t find it in the car.

3 Victoria is dismissed

Following his allergic response, Jacob is transported to the hospital, and David hurries to be by his side. Leyla, in contrast, is enraged by Victoria’s error and will soon take extreme measures to exact revenge.

Later, a contrite Victoria confesses her error to Gabby, costing HOP potential customers. And when Victoria’s continued employment puts the company in danger from Leyla, Gabby is forced to fire her, a decision that breaks Victoria’s heart.

4 Unsettling information for Gail

Gail will be shown leaving on her own after a romantic meal spent with Ryan to follow up on a mystery phone call.

She then runs into Sophie at the allotment, and when Sophie tells Gail some awful news about a man named Oscar, Gail is shaken. However, who is Oscar and how are they related to Gail?

5 Cathy is seeing Samson

Drama also surrounds Cathy, who eventually astounds Amelia by outlining a fresh strategy to treat the symptoms of PMDD.

Later, when Samson responds to her flirtatious banter, Cathy feels more confident. And as a result of their flirtation, Samson and Cathy quickly decide to go out on a date that night.

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